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Being Blog: Facing Our Darkness on Halloween Night


I have been a part of a long online conversation about school districts banning Halloween. It has all the earmarks of the contentious dialog Parker Palmer seeks to lead us beyond in his new book, Healing the Heart of Democracy (Jossey Bass, 2011). But the greatest light I have seen shone upon this particular debate comes in the form of a blog post from a guest contributor to the Being Blog. I love the non-dual perspective Caroline Oakes adopts, and recommend it for your edification this season.


by Caroline Oakes, guest contributor

Trick-or-TreatPhoto by Susy Morris/Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

Like most people, since I was a child, Halloween brings a heady rush of excitement that definitely goes beyond costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and even trick-or-treating for good chocolate.

Year after year,…


In pre-Christian, Christian, and now post-Christian times, October 31st has traditionally been a night to name and face our fears, a time to face “the dark” — the dark outside of us, and the dark inside of us.


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